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Industrial Flooring

Total Specialist Maintenance offer a concrete floor coating service in which we can provide all types of resin concrete floor coatings including anti-slip epoxy concrete floor coating systems for use in industrial warehouses and communal walkways, seamless flooring solutions, hygienic flooring systems, polyurethane screeds and anti-static systems for highly sensitive areas.

Our expertise in the field of resin concrete floor coating systems and concrete sealers has seen us install over 15,000m2 of anti-static systems to the newly developed Urenco Capenhurst site in Chester as well as more conventional schemes such as decent homes works for both Lincoln and Birmingham City Council.

Many of our resin concrete floor coating systems carry a single point manufacturer’s warranty. Areas that are in need of concrete resin injection can also be serviced.

We have a wide experience in dealing with floors whether these are for safety in public areas or facilities in retail, heavy industry (power/water), food and beverage, office and apartment blocks (communal balconies), hospitals & prisons.

We are recognised by all major manufacturers and able to advise on the most appropriate cost effective solution for best results. In many manufacturing facilities the demands on the floor surface are exhaustive ie. Hot liquids, forklift truck movements, oil spillage, heavy impact/vibration and at the same time must provide a long-term serviceable, attractive and functional surface.


Through our experiences in dealing with many flooring problems we are able to assess the condition of the existing floors together with the demands, visual requirements and of course financial limitations in the selection of the most appropriate finish including epoxy, polyurethane, Polyurethane screeds, methacrylate, polyurea or cementitious products. For instance, the choice of a crack-bridging coloured surface in a hospital corridor compared to hot water pressure washing of production floors in a meat processing plant

Epoxy Floor Coating

Seamless polyurethane coatings

Polyurea Coating

Polyurethane Screeds


Cementitious Coatings/Screeds


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Technical Questions About
Resin flooring

Frequently asked questions about Total Specialist Maintenance floor and slab lifting, for  problems and technical queries regarding system suitability

For any additional information that is not listed please contact our technical team

Roller coat application can be as low as 0.4mm through to self levelling and trowel applied systems 8-12mm

Yes, varying levels of anti-slip resistance can be designed into the system at the application stage, however, this would be agreed upon at the design stage.

Typically, the system can be walked on the next day, with vehicle traffic in around 3 days, however full chemical resistance is usually achieved within 7 days.

Yes, a resin flooring system is very hard wearing and is suitable for domestic, commercial and heavy industrial use.

Yes, resin flooring systems are available in a large colour choice as standard, however, special colours can be manufactured upon request.

Yes we can apply to existing resin floor coatings, however this would be subject to testing prior to application.

Yes, most resin floor coatings are completely impermeable, however, hygienic coatings require certain certifications to comply with current regulations which can be installed by Total Specialist Maintenance ltd.

Yes, most resin flooring coatings are completely impermeable, however, chemical resistant coatings require a chemical formulation to withstand chemical attack, with product selection being critical to the success of the system application which can be installed by Total Specialist Maintenance ltd. Chemical-resistant charts can be supplied on request.

Typically a service life of 5-15 years could be expected, however, a previous application can be renovated to further extend the service life of the system.

Yes, particularly if applied outdoors where the system is subjected to UV light exposure, however this can be over come with UV stable coating system. Chemical resistant coatings are generally more susceptible to fading due to their enhanced chemical resistance formulation, however this will not affect product performance. Highly trafficked areas can also be subject to some colour fade over time.

Yes, however a UV stable top coat must applied to the final finish to stop colour change.

Typically a minimum of 2 days, however, this is dependent on the size of the project and the system makeup.