Void Filling


Void Filling

Total Specialist maintenance as a specialist void filling contractor offer a recognised void filling service on national basis in vast number of market sectors

MC Injekt 2700

A multi-purpose, super lightweight, engineering filler/grout providing fast, cost-effective bulk void filling

  • Fast application with minimal disruption to site activities
  • Easy site access—can be pumped to remote locations
  • Economical material and process, offering exceptional savings
  • Lightweight—negligible weight imposed on already stressed areas
  • Environmentally friendly

MC injekt 2700 is a unique, pre-expanded resin. It is produced on site from a liquid base which can produce many times its own volume, making one delivery to site sufficient for most applications. MC injekt 2700 flows under applied pressure, and is inert, solvent-free, non-toxic and non-flammable. The product can be poured, pumped or injected into holes, voids and cavity spaces, and pumped over long distances where required. MC Injekt 2700 has a completely adjustable set time and can even be applied underwater.


Mc injekt 2700 is ideal for filling pipelines and conduits. Residual liquids are forced out and expelled during the application. An abandoned pipeline can be filled completely, even if only one end is only accessible. Uphill or downhill—MC injekt 2700 won’t run out.

General Void Filling

Mc injekt 2700 offers a complete and lightweight fill for shafts, tunnels and cavities. Only simple forms of containment or shuttering are necessary, as MC injekt 2700 will only flow under pressure. MC injekt 2700 can also be removed to re access, where required.


Seeping water affects stability, creating water paths that increase over time. Such paths and voids can be plugged by injecting with MC injekt 2700. Leaks due to clay shrinkage can also be arrested.

Retaining walls & culverts

Cavities behind retaining walls and under culverts can be filled, even where access is remote. MC Injekt 2700 can be placed over long distances using portable equipment.


Mc injekt 2700 is ideal where site access is difficult. By filling and supporting without exerting hydrostatic pressure, it makes excellent backfill, sets quickly and is safe for vegetation, wildlife and fish stocks



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Technical Questions About
Void filling

Frequently asked questions about Total Specialist Maintenance Void filling capacity for construction, rail, water industry, food and drink industry, Commercial, health care, highways, local authorities and infrastructure sectors and technical queries regarding void filling

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Yes, The system can be used on all types of buildings and structures that are both new build and existing structures using traditional grouts and where weight is an issue we can also use our  lightweight void filling material that offers structural enhancement

Yes, our system can be designed to suit all environments and structural designs

Yes, the geopolymer structural polyurethane injection resin has certification for the safe use within potable drinking water environments and has the approval for the safe use for the installation into groundwater making it also safe for use next to rivers and canals having no effect on fish stock or wildlife

Yes, however, there would be some inconvenience as there would be with any construction/building works within or outside a property