Bridge Deck Spray Applied Waterproofing

Bridge Deck Spray Applied Waterproofing

Bridge Deck Spray Applied Waterproofing

Total specialist maintenance is an approved and highly experienced installer of Britdex MDP spray applied bridge deck waterproofing system, to bridge decks and culverts. Britdex is a tough, flexible and hard-wearing, cold spray applied rapid cure waterproofing system designed for long-lasting protection of the concrete substrate beneath. The Britdex system can be installed to both new structures, along with existing bridge decks where the existing membranes have either, deteriorated over time, sustained damage or require a new waterproofing membrane where the existing tarmac surface course is being renewed. 


The Britdex spray applied waterproofing system is one of many waterproofing solutions that Total Specialist Maintenance carries out, including injection waterproofing using thixotropic elastomer gel injection systems, Hypalon bandage systems or injection systems and Hypalon bandage systems in conjunction with each other and sealant joints.

Quick Effective Waterproofing Solutions

Due to the cold spray application, along with rapid curing capabilities the full system including surface preparation, inspection & testing of smaller areas can be fully completed within a single working day, comprising;

  • Open or Encapsulated Grit Blasting
  • Application of Britdex MDP Primer
  • Adhesion Pull off Testing
  • Application of Britdex MDP Waterproofing Membrane
  • Holiday Spark Testing (Pin Hole Detection) if Required
  • Application of Britdex MDP Bond Coat (If Being Overlaid With Hot Rolled Surfacing)

Works can be carried out during full or half road closures and the membrane can be trafficked or overlaid after just 2 hours


Elastomer gel injection systems

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Polyurethane injection systems


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To increase the durability of reinforced concrete bridges, all concrete movement and construction joints, plus the bridge decks have to be waterproofed to prevent serious damage to the concrete, or to the embedded steel reinforcement.

To increase the durability of reinforced concrete box culverts, all concrete movement and construction joints, plus the concrete box culverts have to be waterproofed to prevent serious damage to the concrete, or to the embedded steel reinforcement.

Total specialist maintenance provides spray applied bridge deck waterproofing services to combat structural corrosion caused by wear, weathering and water-ingress arising from contact with de-icing salts and automotive fluids.

Effectiveness. Liquid applied waterproofing membranes are typically spray or hand applied onto a substrate, and cure to form a solid material. Because they form one single membrane, there are no seams. This is an advantage since seams are typically the most vulnerable areas where water can penetrate. 

Speed of application. It is usually much faster to apply a liquid than to place sheet applied membranes.

Ease of detailing. Liquid applied waterproofing is especially helpful in areas where there are many details and penetrations. Instead of having to cut sheet-applied membranes to fit each detail, the waterproofing applicator simply sprays or rolls on the waterproofing material. 

Liquid applied waterproofing is often used on bridge decks, box culverts, terraces, podium decks and green roofs. In some cases, it can be used to protect car parks as well as water tanks.

The raw material cost of liquid applied waterproofing varies. When considering the costs, it is helpful to consider the raw material costs, application time, application costs as well as the expected life of the material.

Yes, numerous liquid applied waterproofing products can be used when refurbishing surfaces. This can come in handy when dealing with uneven surfaces, which are common in refurbishment projects. 

There are numerous advantages to using spray applied bridge deck waterproofing.


It is applied as a cold liquid, so there’s no need for heating of the material

It is highly durable and inherently resilient.

It offers excellent crack bridging and puncture resistance. 

Unlike other liquid applied products that require reinforcement or multiple applications, waterproofing systems are seamless, single layer membranes. This simplifies detailing of terminations and penetrations.

It is truly seamless and will conform to nearly any surface. 

It provides a virtually odour-free work environment. 

It bonds tightly to the substrate, preventing water from tracking between the membrane and the concrete. 

Typically spray applied bridge deck waterproofing is foot trafficable in two hours or less.

Typically, on small jobs or in confined spaces, it is easier to hand apply liquid waterproofing. For large jobs, it is often best to use a spray to help accelerate project completion. 

Hand applied liquid waterproofing are self-levelling material and applied using notched trowels, squeegees or gauged rakes. This ensures proper thickness is achieved.  Spray applied waterproofing is applied in a number of passes of the spray nozzle and an applicator or inspector will also always confirm thickness by doing spot checks with a wet film thickness gauge during application.