What is Pipe Penetrations

TSM Media Team

What is Pipe Penetrations

Leak Sealing Injection of high water ingress leak around pipe penetration

Water leaks around pipe penetrations, such as gas, water, sewer, fire mains, surface water drainage and electrical lines, is a very common problem where pipes enter and exit through concrete walls or slabs.

A common reason is that they are sealed with a cement-based water plug or a patch from the interior side of the building during original construction. The bond to the concrete usually fails over time, allowing a pathway for water to leak around the pipe penetration.

The plug does not seal the gaps throughout the whole wall or slab and eventually, water finds its way into the gaps and you see water leaking through the wall or slab around the pipe.

Another common reason is that when a hole for the pipe is drilled through the concrete, the coring process through the concrete wall or slab can cause damage to the concrete structure by creating cracks or breaking chips out of concrete. This can provide a direct path for water to pass through the concrete.

If left untreated, leaking pipe penetrations can over time deteriorate the concrete and decrease the structure’s service life.

High-pressure Polyurethane Injection To Stop The Water Leak

Total specialist maintenance frequently repair pipe penetration leaks by targeted injections of high-quality polyurethane injection resins. The injected resin chases the water in the concrete. When reacting with the water it fills any cracks and gaps in the concrete in the treated area around the pipe. This process creates a strong bond with the concrete and a watertight seal, which helps protect the concrete structure and helps maintain the service life of the building and stop lime-based water from dripping onto cars and causing significant damage when the building becomes habitable.

Whilst other remedial companies may average once a year (or at most once a month), our technicians perform quality high-pressure leak-sealing injection work several times a week. If you have any issues with moisture, seepage and/or high-flow active leaks in concrete structures, we would be happy to assist you. You are welcome to contact us with any questions that you may have.