Fire Damaged Concrete and Concrete Repair

TSM Media Team

Fire Damaged Concrete and Concrete Repair

There are not many elements that cause any real damage to concrete immediately, however one that can cause significant damage is fire.

Fire damaged concrete inspection

Concrete that is exposed to fire it can be rendered structurally unfit for its intended use. In these cases, a careful examination of the surface should be conducted in order to ensure the structural integrity of the damaged substrate

How to identify if the concrete is fire damaged

A good indicator that shows the extent of the fire damage is a visual one. Once the concrete has been subjected to a significant fire it changes colour from white or grey to pink, orange or red.  This usually indicates that it has been subject to a significant fire and is more than likely suffered structurally. Structural propping may be required prior to any testing and repairs carried out to ensure structural integrity is maintained Determine the level of repair that is required will involve taking core samples from the damaged area and taking them to a laboratory for petrographic analysis to determine the depth within the concrete that damage has occurred. Once the analysis has been carried out a full repair solution can take place ensuring that all of the damaged concrete has been removed to the desired depth that was established during the testing process. Suitable concrete repair materials are then chosen to meet the structural requirements of the structure. Total specialist Maintenance offers a service to repair fire-damaged concrete which can involve early contractor involvement in carrying out the testing and providing a repair strategy. If an area is susceptible to further fire damage, we can also provide concrete repair Products such as Nafufill KM 250 which meets the F120 fire category. Total specialist maintenance has recently carried out a Fire damaged concrete repair project for a construction company in Dudley where there was a small fire which damaged concrete to a retaining wall.