What is Structural Grouting

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What is Structural Grouting

Structural Grouting is a specialist process requiring specific project knowledge and experience to ensure concrete and epoxy-based grout is placed into areas without producing air voids. Total specialist maintenance uses a range of expert pressure grouting pumps and mixing units to ensure that we can successfully complete the largest and most complex construction structural grouting projects. As an experienced Specialist grouting contractor, we work with the Engineering teams to provide straightforward procedures for every project demonstrating precisely how the placement will be undertaken.

Total specialist maintenance limited has developed methods and carried out various forms of grouting to load-bearing elements throughout the UK including bridge pining and grouting, machine bases, structural steel, precast, rail, wind turbine bases and pretty much anywhere 2 or more load-bearing elements need to be correctly connected!

Fosroc Conbextra Range of Epoxy and Cement Based Grouts

The Fosroc Conbextra Range are shrinkage compensated and general-purpose grouting with high early strength and long-term durability. Conbextra’s range of products includes epoxy based high strength grouts used for applications where dynamic loading needs to be factored such as rail tracks and bridge bearings. Conbextra’s cement-based range of grouts are considered some of the best and most laboratory tested in the world. These include HES (High Early Strength), HS (High Strength), HF (High Flow) and the multi-purpose C.

Sika Grout

Sika Grout are Portland cement based cementitious grouts and commonly used in work performed by Total specialist Maintenance

Total specialist maintenance limited have recently carried out a number of structural grouting projects which include grouting underneath a transformer base at a gas works in hull, a masonry barrelled arch for a highways contractor, to a masonry sea wall for a marine contractor and a masonry retaining wall for an environment agency contractor