What is Lift Waterproofing

TSM Media Team

What is Lift Waterproofing

Our highly trained staff specialise in lift pit, We have completed many jobs on a national basis offering a fast return to service approach to lift waterproofing remediation.

Typical configurations of a lift shaft are to accommodate entry to a lift at ground level which means that there is a requirement for below ground lift pit. The lift pit is designed to be waterproof, however, lift pits can become susceptible to water ingress due to poor installation of waterproofing, movement during construction etc.

Water ingress can migrate through defects within the lift pit walls, and floor and service penetrations. This water ingress can then cause damage to guide rails, control panels and other sensitive service items. In the event, that significant levels of water ingress occurred the lift may be decommissioned by the lift engineer

Total specialist maintenance of a bespoke remedial lift pit waterproofing solution that involves arresting water ingress using resin injection techniques followed by a waterproof tanking solution.