Manhole Sealing Benefits

TSM Media Team

Manhole Sealing Benefits

Groundwater manhole infiltration can be a serious problem that can result in significant environmental issues for water companies, commercial manufacturing companies and food and drinks processing plants.

Water ingress issues place an increased load on the sewage treatment works and final effluent treatment areas due to the increased volumes of effluent that requires treatment resulting in additional tankering, pumping and waste management costs.

Water ingress into drainage systems also results in the system being surcharged during flood events, storms and long periods of heavy rainfall which can then result in sewage and effluent overcoming the system leading to unwanted discharge into rivers, coastal areas, commercial and domestic properties resulting in significant claims and fines

Total Specialist Maintenance Ltd offers a bespoke solution that involves sealing the infiltration within the manhole using resin injection techniques and cementitious grouting to arrest all infiltration. We then install a sulphate-resistant waterproof tanking solution to the entire manhole to provide a fully sealed system. This is usually carried out in conjunction with tight fit draining lining projects or can be done as a stand-alone solution.