Digester and tank linings and repairs

TSM Media Team

Digester and tank linings and repairs

Digesters, wet wells, pumping stations, and oily water sewers are often subject to anaerobic digestion chemical attack which generally generates a gas called hydrogen sulphide which is also known as H2S which then condenses on the tank elements and turns into sulphuric acid which has a corrosive effect on all concrete, masonry steel elements within the tank.

Sulphuric acid aggressively attacks the cement paste within the concrete elements and In the situation, there is a failed lining, this needs to be removed from the concrete surface and prepared through the technique of open grit blasting. This method tends to leave a key to the substrate – ideal for the application of a new protective lining system.

Total Specialist Maintenance Ltd, who are leading UK specialists in subterranean remedial waterproofing, concrete repair and protective coating applications, principally in the clean water and wastewater sector, rail and civil tunnel repair and refurbishment and the petrochemical sector. Principally specialising in sulphur tank refurbishment, manhole and tank upgrades that have suffered a biogenic gas attack. We apply the product Ombran CPS which is a silicate (liquid glass) based on resin-rich mortar that is pigmented to give a blue-coloured finish and is completely resistant to acidic attack.

After curing the system remains open to vapour diffusion, therefore, allowing the product to breathe whilst remaining completely liquid and acid-proof. Traditional coatings are epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea based and these are closed to vapour diffusion, these systems also require a completely dry substrate (less than 6% moisture content) and are sensitive to moisture during the application process. The silicate system provided by Total specialist maintenance is not as sensitive to moisture, due to its vapour diffusion capabilities, therefore making the system a more practical solution due to the damp environments found in most manholes, chambers, digester tanks and other subterranean environments.