What is Manhole Refurbishment

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What is Manhole Refurbishment

Manholes that have suffered H2S gas or trade effluent chemical attack can be a severe problem that can result in significant environmental issues for water companies, commercial manufacturing companies and food and drinks processing plants.

Gas and chemical attack issues can cause significant structural issues to manholes, making client staff and contractors entering into the manhole a safety concern. Structural issues with manholes can also cause load-bearing issues resulting in a potential collapse in roads, plants and domestic environments.

Loss of sections within manholes that have suffered degradation due to H2S  and chemical attacks can also lead to environmental issues where effluent leaks from within the manhole into the surrounding ground causing contamination and legislative issues. The loss of section can also cause blockages within the drainage system causing the systems to surcharge overcoming the system and leading to unwanted discharge.

Total Specialist Maintenance Ltd offers a bespoke solution that involves Preparing the host substrate within the manholes, installing an R4 structural concrete repair lining system to the entire manhole and then applying a chemical-resistant silicate lining system. This is usually carried out in conjunction with draining lining projects, Plant shutdowns, pump maintenance projects or can be done as a stand-alone solution.

Before Manhole Refurbishment
After Manhole Refurbishment