Why Concrete Structures Deteriorate?

Why Concrete Structures Deteriorate After
TSM Media Team

Why Concrete Structures Deteriorate?

Concrete is a relatively durable and robust building material, but it can be severely weakened by poor manufacture or a very aggressive environment. Concrete degradation can be a cause for concern on its own, or in reinforced concrete structures it may lead to decreased protection to the steel. This in turn encourages corrosion of the steel, often followed by cracking and spalling of the concrete which can lead to structural damage.

Deterioration of concrete is due to:

  • Chemical degradation
  • Corrosion of the reinforcement steel
  • Mechanical attack
  • Physical damage

Underlying contributors to deterioration:

  • Poor construction
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Design faults

Total specialist maintenance offers a full concrete repair corrosion management system which involves breaking out the spalled and defective concrete, mechanical preparation and replacement of steel reinforcement and where required installation of sacrificial anodes within the repair site and installation of embedded galvanic anodes into good concrete to stop further degradation to the structure if chlorides are present within the concrete. The repair sites are then repaired back using a suitable repair mortar to meet the requirements of the original structure. In some cases where embedded anodes are not required a Multi-functional Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI’s) is applied to the entire concrete structure. We then apply a fairing coat levelling mortar which also protects the structure further from carbonation finally an anti-carbonation paint coat system can be applied to offer additional protection and offer an aesthetically pleasing finish. We can also tailor the repair solution to your needs and every budget.

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Why Concrete Structures Deteriorate After